A slight state of grace. Serendipity is the predisposition to accept a good fatality, a way to fly over problems, an attitude to discover enchanting places....

It's the randomness of finding something valuable or pleasant when you don’t expect it.


There are collections that arise not only from the concentrated study of trends, numbers or objectives, but also from those moments of distraction of thought, when the mind refuses to remain within the project and we find ourselves looking in the air, nibbling at pencil.

A lightness of spirit that leads us to meet the unexpected joy of a curious idea that turns into an unexpected design, or into a combination of fabrics, or, again, into a shower of glittering sequins.

A slow approach to creativity and inspiration that allows you to enjoy unexpected moments and extraordinary results.


If you always work with the amazement in your eyes, even the most crazy and risky ideas will be able to fit perfectly into the complex picture of a new and exciting collection.