Pomikaki is a brand born of the fantasy of D. Romano, who - in 2012 – successfully launched the first collection of the brand basing on a simple but brilliant cotton "shopping bag" printed with the image of a fashion bag. The brand taken as a symbol of its ironic but substantive soul the fruit of the persimmon tree which has the particular meaning of “don’t mind the appearances" in the symbolism related to flowers and vegetable kingdom. 

Although the brand is very young, the evolutionary process has seen the succession of increasingly “assembled" and articulated collections where, over time, two very different personalities have emerged, even if they constantly influence each other. 

The portrait of "Pomikaki" woman, and consequently of the handbags designed by the creative team, can only be painted with glittering and glamorous colors from the world of "fashion-addicted-women" (fashion lovers in all its shades and always updated on seasonal trends) and pastel tones, sometimes classical, elegant and with a touch of romance from the sophisticated but practical women's universe (mindful of functionality and who never give up quality). 

An exciting and glamorous journey that has shapes, materials, accessories and images freely drawn from the always-updated high fashion show as background, which are mixed together in an unexpectedly, overwhelmingly, scratchy, romantic but always unique way. Collections gained on unreachable dreams to make them possible with irony and personality.